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Downtown Corridor Expansion

We were featured recently on our local news, where the store made headlines due to the expansion of the downtown corridor. More new businesses are moving in, and that means more people to enjoy all we have to offer.Come on by and see why everyone who buys from us loves to come back again and again, to experience all the new fashion options.

Feeling The Love

We have national recognition! We’re proud to announce that some of the favorite fashions from our store have been worn by high-ranking officials on their trips to work with others around the country. Just knowing that they were complimented on their clothing and said they bought from us is a great feeling of accomplishment!

Catch Us at New York Fashion Week

Don’t forget that New York Fashion Week is coming up! We will be there to see what kinds of great trends are in style for the new season, along with what kinds of classic looks are still making headlines.Come into the store and see what kinds of wonderful fashion pieces we brought back from our trip! It should be a lot of fun.