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What is Vestibular Therapy/Rehabilitation and who could benefit from it?

Your Vestibular System is one of the three systems which contribute to balance.  The Vestibular System gives you information about your movement in relation to gravity in linear and rotational movements.  Vestibular Therapy works on improving how the vestibular system works.  Treatments are focused at your symptoms in dynamic and static conditions.  The treatment plan is designed after the initial evaluation during which the therapist should clear you for vertebral artery and central causes.  As the evaluation continues the therapist will likely assess the other two systems which affect your balance; vision and somatosensory.  Somatosensory System gives your body information regarding where you are in space and other objects.


Besides injury, illness and medications, age can play a part in how your vestibular, visual and somatosensory systems work.   Some common descriptors that people who would benefit from Vestibular Therapy commonly complain of include: room spinning, feeling off balance and dizzy.  The patient may also experience nausea, vomiting, sweating and abnormal eye movements.


Exercises given during Vestibular therapy can help your vision with gaze stabilization and head/eye coordination, somatosensory improve body awareness and the vestibular system to improve balance and decrease your fall risk.   The vestibular system consists of parts of the inner ear including the hair cells.  When the Vestibular System is not working correctly it affects the brain ability to process sensory information involved with controlling your balance. 


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